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Files Types - PSD

A .PSD file is a layered image file used in Adobe Photoshop. PSD, which stands for Photoshop Document, is the default format Photoshop uses for saving data.

Photoshop was initially produced for editing photos and images. Since it's introduction in 1988 there have been many improvements and added features to Photoshop, and is now used for all sorts of design work aswell as editing of photos.


PSD files are best opened with Photoshop if you wish to edit them, but some other software can also open PSD files. To view a PSD file on a Macintosh we recommend using Preview which comes built in, if you are running Windows there is no built in software that opens PSD, but we would recommend using Irfanview.


Because a PSD file includes all layers of a file, including hidden ones the filesize can become very large, which of course is less than ideal if trying to share. Also interpretation of the file might differ using different software. It is normally best to export your file as a PDF or JPG if you want to share for review, obviously if you wish to allow someone to edit the file they will need the PSD for full editing functionality.

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