Clients - Plan It

Client Overview

Plan It is the trading name of Graham Burrows, a draftsman specializing in domestic extensions. Graham is one of the mostly highly recommended professionals in his field responsible for more successful planning applications in Bromley than anyone else in the past 30 years.


Services Provided

Business Cards

When Graham needed a business card designed and printed he came to us. Starting with a blank canvas we discussed various layouts and colour schemes, Graham chose to go with the design below and was very satisfied with his cards that he had a few days later.

Website Design

Created: May 2012
Updated: January 2013

The Brief

  • To create an online presense allowing potential clients to find Graham's details when searching online.
  • Convey the experience and help clients feel they can trust their house plans will be done to suit their individual needs.
  • Create a consistent style of design that lines up with Business Cards already created.
  • Design must be simple to understand and use while still looking professional.
  • The website needs Analytics implemented.

The Solution

A lot of the images and colours that were utilised in the Business Cards were carried over onto the website to give a consistent brand feel.

The content is all written by Graham in first person, this helps it feel more personal.

The Results

Graham was very pleased with the work we did for him and was all completed on time and within budget.